Simplicity in Nature

Weekend workshop co-created with nature

You are invited to engage all of your senses and truly invoke the creator expressing through you.
We walk softly on the land, we touch lightly, we speak gently, we breath silently, we express joyously, we cry unconditionally, we communicate with respect, we experience humility, we re-connect with the open hearted compassionate Beings that we are.


* Experience the magnificent expressions of nature our greatest teacher.
* Experience and embrace the present moment.
* Expand your deep appreciation and gratitude for all of life.
* Deepen your love for self and other.
* Feeling of full connectedness and aliveness with all, for all.
* Fully present.
* Stillness and a peaceful state of being.


The space that Jane created for all of us to firstly express ourselves, and secondly have the freedom to go into parts of ourselves and the environment that we so often avoid or don't give ourselves the opportunities to delve into, is something that not many are able to achieve in a few days, let alone the first moment you arrive. The natural world is around us all the time, but Jane gave me the chance to just be in the environment and watch, with fresh eyes, the smallest scenery to the grandest skyscape. Time really did seem to slow to nature's pace; and yet moments of quiet solitude seemed to fly by. Combining an awareness of the world around us with our creative capabilities (which I feel we all have regardless of whether we see ourselves as artists or not) is a gift that Jane gives to each person without the expectation of an end result. There are moments of gentle encouragement, prodding at your comfort zones, and stretching your perception of yourself by someone who loves and respects the person that you are and the light she sees within you. As someone who, just like you and me, is on her own journey, Jane is able to translate her own life experiences into a format that we can all relate to and adapt for our own lives.

Stephen Embleton

I attended the workshop at Wirikuta that was presented by Jane Smith a couple of years ago. I found this space to be very gentle, nurturing and a safe space where I was able to connect with my relationship with Nature and Mother Earth in numerous ways. Having done many self discovery and empowerment workshops, I found this time a very subtle initiation and facilitation to connect and explore my connection with the non-human space around me on Earth. An interesting nuance for me, being a pilot, was that this experience encouraged me to explore my relationship with nature while being firmly grounded and at times feeling completely surrounded and embraced by nature. I had the opportunity, in silence, to consider my impact on Mother Earth and all that coexists around me and also to choose commitments going forward of my ongoing relationships to this. Many ideas initiated or germinated and choices I made on the workshop, I carry forward to this day and I believe I have a more gentle, calm, responsive and responsible relationship with Mother Earth, Nature and all that coexists on this planet.

Paul Paine

What I resonated with most of all during the workshop was the stillness in nature process. I felt completely at one with nature and just blended in with the environment. I witnessed and observed all the creatures and plants around me, feeling the various elements like the wind, sun and water. This was possible due to Jane’s gentle and capable facilitation. I enjoyed the creativity and co-creating with the other participants on the workshop.

The workshop was well balanced in all the elements that were presented. I walked away from it with a stillness and peace that stayed with me. I connected with Mother Earth and the magnificence of all God’s creations and the various facets of its make up.

Hannah Paine


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