Creative Way

You are invited to come and play, to express, to discover and recover yourself.
Creative Way is a space that is sacredly held, allowing a group of participants to clear the way, connecting and reconnecting with the creative expression that they truly are.

This is a profound and subtle journey that evokes memories, encouraging one to express from their essence in every aspect of their lives. Opening doors of joy that could have be tightly closed for some time.

This work is run weekly over a period of time and is co created in conjunction with
The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.


* Experience more fun, joy and lightness.
* Feel more confident.
* Being able to set healthy boundaries.
* Feel more able to be adventurous, explore the unknown and take risks.
* Feel an increased sense of self-worth.
* Experience more clarity in decision-making and problem solving.
* Feel safe in the choices you make.
* Experience deepening of faith and reduction of fear.
* A deepened sense of appreciation and gratitude.
* Compassion for self and others.


It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It took me to places that were beyond what I dreamed. I found Jane to be an experienced facilitator who gently pushed and pulled me to get to the places she trusted I could go - it was like she knew me better than I know myself. I felt held and safe in the environment and this gave me the confidence to follow through and get to where I wanted to go. Through doing the Creative Way I am now working with my creative side daily. Thank You Jane.

Riley Embleton

I loved the Creative Way in conjunction with The Artists Way - 12 weeks of self-discovery that established new patterns and practices in my life. One of the most meaningful of these practices for me - the morning pages – continues to impact my life four years after doing the course. I write pages almost every morning. What started out as a chore and challenge has become a magical tool to help me digest my experience and prepare me for what is emerging in my life. In this sense the 12 weeks were life-changing and worth the commitment and investment required.

Lynn Stefano
Director: Family Literacy Project

I did Creative Way and Vein of Gold course with Jane Smith. At the time of doing the courses, I was stuck in my creativity. I was able to function on my own, but did not have the confidence to follow through on my ideas. In retrospect, I also did not have enough gratitude for the small stuff in life. I focused more on the negatives, and this very often brought me down. Doing these courses with Jane continued my exploration of all good things, and enabled me to have greater perspective, clarity and confidence in myself as a creator. I have published a book since my course with Jane, and feel that this is largely due to the lessons I learned on these courses. My sons are also remarkable musicians and I have gained confidence to invest in them, which I have no doubt will pay off. The journey never ends, and I feel fortunate to be in an ongoing friendship with Jane. Because she is a mentor, and a guide, and assists me to look at myself in a different light. I have learned to stop, and indulge myself, to literally smell the roses, but without getting stuck on the thorns.

Gabrielle Harris
Author: Touching Animal Souls

My experience of the Creative Way in conjunction with The Artists Way, facilitated by Jane Smith, was life-changing. Nothing changed but everything thereafter was different. As an IT specialist, I was sceptical of how I would cope doing “Artist” things – I battle to draw anything more than stick men drawings! This journey of self-discovery and the connecting to my innate creativity offered me a window to a long-neglected passion of flight and through the processes of this workshop, I was supported to recognise and honour this in myself. Today I am a qualified sport pilot and am able to truly celebrate my life in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. In recognising the multi-facetted nature of creativity, the experience has opened up a whole kaleidoscope of possibilities and opportunities in my life today.

Paul Paine

A gentle opening of Pandora's Box to reveal issues and emotions best left to gather dust. Enter... paradigm shifting lessons for the self through the tasks set and voila! -
Cathartic cleansing releases the sparkling light that shines on them to reveal the gifts of learning they really are. Onward and upward from there on to create the magnificent masterpiece that is your life!

Janelle Alford


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